BDC / Internet Sales Recruiting

Your Link To Loyalty

BDC/Internet Sales Recruiting

When 95% of consumers are making car purchasing decisions on the internet before they contact the dealership, auto dealers know their Auto Dealer BDC Department has to be the best in the market.

It all starts with the prospecting and hiring of the best auto dealer phone sales candidates.

AMP Strategies works with auto dealerships to create BDC/Internet Sales Recruiting and Training Packages to assist to increase your BDC Department revenue and increase your CSI.

Our SUPERTEAM will prospect and find the best BDC candidates in your area.

Then, one of our SUPERTEAM members comes on-site to your dealership for 3-4 days to recruit and train depending on your wants and needs. Our goal is to create a lifelong “Link to Loyalty” with your customers and increase your retention rate tenfold.

We will screen all the candidates, train them and walk them into your office for final interviews. Next thing you know, they are selling cars.

BDC/Internet Recruiting Campaign & Onboarding

Three Day Event
All Sourcing, Vetting, Interviewing & Marketing with a Specialist On-Site

A customer receives (5) Hires for $4995

*Plus, travel expenses reimbursement

Your BDC/Internet is the face of your dealership!

Prospects spend hours researching and their initial contact is with your BDC/Internet Department.

We hire and train the talent you need to begin a successful sales process!

BDC/Internet Recruiting Campaign & Onboarding

Four Day Event
All Sourcing, Vetting, Interviewing & Marketing with a Specialist On-Site Plus One Day BDC/Internet Personnel Training

A customer receives (5) hires and one day of “BDC/Internet First Impression Skill Development” training for $6995

*Plus, travel expenses reimbursement


With over 100 years of experience, let AMP Training Strategies help you recruit, train and hire the talent to achieve your goals. We specialize in recruiting and delivering exceptional sales, service, lease, and leadership training.



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  • Does your BDC/Internet consistently convert prospects into buyers?
  • Do they possess the skills & confidence to succeed?
  • Are they creating a favorable first impression?
  • Are they skilled at establishing rapport?
  • Are they focused on serving the customer?
  • Are they asking the right questions to set up the sale?
  • Can they control the conversation?
  • Are they skilled in assisting both Phone and Internet leads?
  • Do they have the words, tone, and account recognition skills to succeed?
  • Are they skilled at doing follow-up?

If you answered ‘’no’’ to any of these questions,

Contact AMP Training Strategies to RECRUIT, TRAIN AND HIRE!

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